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Collection Services

Using a unique “Hybrid Model” that combines the best of both provisions of the Real Estate Tax Sale Law (RETSL) and Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act (MCTLA), as well as proprietary in-house software that enables clients to receive daily collection and accounting information, Elite Revenue Solutions produces the highest collection rates in the market today. For public and private clients, the firm’s state-of-the-art tools and techniques enhance debt collection operations with streamlined management to maximize effectiveness.  


Elite Revenue Solutions is the only firm in Pennsylvania with experience operating all aspects of large-scale public collection operations (County Tax Claim Bureaus), including accounting, collections, disbursements, payment agreements, tax sales and more. In accordance with collection agreements, the firm becomes the appointed Agent for the Pennsylvania counties we serve and fully operate Tax Claim Bureaus on their behalf – either from existing offices, or new, local locations we open when none are available.


Tax Collection Firm

Through our many years in the industry, Elite Revenue Solutions’ founders have learned a lot about how difficult debt collections can be, which is why the firm makes intentional efforts to help everyone involved – governments, their employees and taxpayers alike:


  • Comprehensive added value for public and private partners, including a full-range of in-house business and legal services which allow pursuits to transition seamlessly to bankrupt court or litigation, if necessary. 

  • Continued employment opportunities for all existing staff when new partnerships are initiated.

  • Convenient taxpayer options that allow payments to be accepted via credit card, debit card and electronic check, either online, over the phone or in-person at local service centers and bank branch partners.

  • Programs that are deeply respectful of individual situations such as hardships, payment plan capabilities and senior citizens.


In short, Elite Revenue Solutions is Pennsylvania’s premier tax collection specialist because of our experience guiding clients through the complex process of debt collection and our record of producing the highest returns in the market today.


Third Party Collection Termination


Elite Revenue Solutions provides legal and collection services to public entities in terminating their third party collection agreements. The firm enters as “attorney of record” on behalf of clients and provides detailed accounting of all transactions involved in the processing and satisfaction of any remaining receivables that are due under the third party contract.


As part of the termination of third party collection contracts, Elite Revenue Solutions will:


  1. Negotiate the terms of the termination agreement.

  2. Enter as “attorney of record” on behalf of a government entity.

  3. Ensure the third party firm is withdrawn and replaced as a government entity appointed Agent.

  4. Collect money paid under liens.

  5. Monitor payments being made.

  6. Provide accounting of outstanding liens.

  7. Satisfy the liens.

  8. Negotiate settlements with municipalities.

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