Properties sell above minimum bid in Luzerne County tax sale

May 2, 2021 - Nine of 11 listed properties sold in Luzerne County’s first back-tax auction of the year, according to county tax-claim operator Elite Revenue Solutions LLC.

The special upset sale held Thursday was for properties in which the owners defaulted on repayment agreements, said Elite representative Sean Shamany. In a first-stage upset sale, buyers must pay all back real estate taxes and accept responsibility for any outstanding mortgages and liens.

Approximately 240 properties were eligible for sale. Most owners made payments to stay out of the sale, and some obtained temporary reprieve from the court.


Bidders buy tax-delinquent properties at arena auction

WILKES-BARRE TWP. — Nanticoke resident Terry Panetta scored deals on two tax-delinquent properties at Luzerne County’s back-tax auction held Thursday at Mohegan Sun Arena.


He bought a Nanticoke property for $6,700 for his mom and a Larksville property for $8,500 that he plans to resell.


Wiilkes-Barre resident Elizabeth Fleury scored another deal. She purchased a Dupont property for $29,000 and she called it an “investment.”