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Elite Revenue Solutions is Pennsylvania’s premier tax collection specialist. Using a unique “Hybrid Model” and proprietary software, we produce the highest collection rates in the market today. During a time when budget crises are increasingly common, the nearly 150 taxing districts Elite Revenue has served are stronger as a result.


Elite Revenue Solutions is the only firm in Pennsylvania with experience operating all aspects of large-scale public collection operations (County Tax Claim Bureaus). Through our many years in the industry, the firm’s founders have learned a lot about how difficult debt collections can be, which is why we make intentional efforts to help everyone involved – governments, their employees and taxpayers alike:


  • Comprehensive added value for public and private partners, including a full-range of in-house business and legal service offerings. 

  • Continued employment opportunities for all existing staff when new partnerships are initiated.

  • Convenient taxpayer options that allow payments to be accepted via credit card, debit card and electronic check, either online, over the phone or in-person at local service centers and bank branch partners. 

  • Programs that are deeply respectful of individual situations such as hardships, payment plan capabilities and senior citizens.


Interested in discovering how Elite Revenue Solutions can benefit your business or community? Contact us today to learn more.




Elite Revenue Solutions is a proud member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals International. ACA International contributes to the success of its members, the positive reputation of the industry and the health of the economy.

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